It sucks when you hate your life—even when you hate part of your life.

After you discover that you create your own reality, it can be doubly frustrating, because then you know that you are creating it—consciously or unconsciously.

So, if you find yourself doing what you hate and you know that your feelings of hatred and disgust are only creating more things to hate and be disgusted by, it can feel like a horrible, nightmarish merry-go-round that you can’t get off.

But wait, there is a way out! If you have portions of your life that you’d love to change in a heartbeat, then this video is for you:

It really comes back to taking a deep breath and taking our power back—then making choices to change. Change your thoughts, change your feelings, and change your beliefs, and your world has to change.
I’d love to hear from you in the comments below…

Did any of you struggle with changing something you hated? How did you get beyond the hatred and change the reality? Your story could change the life of someone with a similar struggle.

Thanks so much for joining me here.


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