Yesterday I was wondering about my style. It seems to change from year to year and from mood to mood. However my fashion fickleness aside, I often imagine an outfit I would love to be in. And yesterday I pictured myself in a black dress made of a flow-y fabric, loosely fitted, long sleeves, with a scoop neck. This morning there was an email in my inbox from a store I love, advertising the black dress exactly as I had imagined it!

I love it when things like this happen. Life can be so magical and so elegant – if we allow it to be.

One of the first things I learned to manifest was parking spaces. I think most people start with parking spaces. It must be in Manifesting 101 or something. But if you imagine yourself pulling into a parking space as you are searching for one, and ask your unseen friends to help you to create it, it works! Parking spaces appear where it seemed there were none. These are little things, but fun things.

You do live a charmed life. And it isn’t all about dresses and parking spaces. But if I told you this morning I woke up so full of joy I could not stop singing (also true) you probably would chalk it up to me being ‘a happy person’. You wouldn’t have realized:


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